Whale-Watching Guidelines Don’t Include Boat Noise. It’s Time They Did

A humpback whale breaching.

Humpback whale breach at Ningaloo. (Image: Kate Sprogis, Author provide)

Several Countries Have Ended Their COVID Restrictions

A couple in a swimming pool at a resort with palm trees and tropical plants.

Costa Rica is open for tourism regardless of vaccination status.(Image: Eric Honeycutt via Dreamstime)

Keswick Island, Pristine Tourist Destination Facing China Crisis

A sandy beach at Keswick Island.ing China Crisis.

A pristine destination, Keswick Island is facing upheavals by a China-based developer. (Image: Walkerssk via Pixabay)

Food Waste in Tourism Is a Bigger Issue Than Previously Thought

Food waste in tourism.

Food waste is a major issue globally, and it has also been identified as the most prominent type of hospitality waste. (Image: Hans via Pixabay)

Care for a Stroll Over the Devil’s Bridge in Germany?

The Devil's bridge.

Sailing under the bridge is believed to unlock mystical abilities. (Image: svolks via Wikimedia Commons)

Trump Effect: Buyout Remarks Spike Tourism Interest in Greenland

A harbor in Greenland.

After U.S. President Donald Trump indicated that he would like to buy Greenland from Denmark, there has been a surge of American interest in exploring the region. (Image: Greenland Travel via Flickr)

Travels Through China: Wuzhen, a Beautiful Water Town

Wuzhen is a water town.

Wuzhen is a water town in China. (Image: kochiehwang via Pixabay)

Fake Alcohol Could Be the Silent Killer in Dominican Republic Vacation Deaths

The Dominican Republic.

At least 36 Americans have died while on vacation in the Dominican Republic since January 2018. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

NZ Plane Prevented From Landing in Shanghai After Referencing Taiwan

An Air New Zealand jet.

Beijing forced a New Zealand plane to turn back to Auckland while en route to Shanghai since it's paperwork included a reference to Taiwan. (Image: Masakatsu Ukon via Flickr)

7 Natural Wonders of Taiwan You Probably Don’t Know About

The Shifen waterfall in Pingsi Township, Taiwan. (Image: Hermann Rohr via Nspirement)