Besenwirtschaften Explained: Learn More About the Broomstick Inns


During the fall and winter months, local wines and traditional cuisine can be sampled throughout various Besenwirtschaften, or broomstick inns. (Image: Neckar Magazin via

Wealth and Fate: The Salt Merchant’s Ambitious Son

Vintage open chest, coins on a wooden table, and a bright light from inside the chest.

Wealth may flow abundantly, but it's our fate that truly dictates its lasting impact on our lives. (Image: Elena Sergeeva via Dreamstime)

Zeng Guofan’s Family Principles: Assessing a Family’s Fortune Through 3 Measures

Illustration of famous Chinese scholar Zeng Guofan wearing traditional Chinese clothing.

Zeng Guofan, one of the four famous ministers in the late Qing Dynasty, determined the rise and fall of a family by considering three crucial aspects. (Image: Public Domain via Wikimedia)

Overcoming Fate: A Chinese Family Reshapes Their Destiny

The Huai River wetland park.

For generations, a Chinese family grappled with a watery curse, their destiny entwined with its deceptive calm. (Image: Hejinghua via Dreamstime)

Learning From History: How the Ancient Chinese Responded to Plagues and Disasters

Ancient Chinese observing a globe mechanism.

Chinese history provides us with invaluable insights into how emperors and common folk alike managed to quell disasters and cure diseases time and again. (Image: Public Domain via The Epoch Times)

5 Tips for Improving Your Handshake

Close up of a handshake between two men wearing business suits.

Handshakes are a basic form of nonverbal communication. (Image: via Flickr)

The Deep Bond Between Mongolia’s Last Eagle Keepers and Their Golden Eagles

Mongolian eagle keeper.

Deep in the Altai Mountains, in the far reaches of Western Mongolia, the last eagle keepers keep eagle hunting alive. (Image: Sakalouski Uladzislau via Dreamstime)

What Qualities Determine the True Wealth of a Family?

A family walking together holding hands.

Give the things that are important to you enough time. (Image: Hongqi Zhang via Dreamstime)

Keeping Traditional Crafts Alive in Hong Kong

Young Asian woman wearing a traditional red and gold kwan kwa wedding dress.

An attractive young widow lived next to where the examination was held. After a while, she tried to seduce the older brother, but he refused with stern words. (Image: via Flicker)

Notable Coming of Age Traditions for Girls

Young girl walking hand in hand with her parents.

In different countries of the world, people celebrate specific types of coming of age traditions for girls. (Image: via Piklist)