History of Traditional Chinese Hair Accessories

Chinese woman dressed in traditional Han fu clothing with an elaborate golden headdress.

Chinese women developed some intricate hairstyles throughout history that incorporated lovely hair accessories. (Image: via Dreamstime)

Traditional Chinese Culture: ‘Male Left, Female Right’

Pagoda at the edge of a lake in Asia.

The yin and yang theory from Chinese culture indicates that all things in nature have two opposing sides. (Image: ilhamtakim0612 via Pixabay)

Which Place is Better to Learn Chinese, Beijing or Taiwan?

Chinese characters on a blackboard.

Every layman who considers learning Chinese directly from the East will be conflicted with a choice — whether to learn it in Beijing or Taiwan. (Image: via Publicdomainpicturers)

The Best Place to Learn Chinese Is Not China

No one with international career ambitions can now afford to neglect learning Chinese. (Image: mohamed_hassan via Pixabay)