Qian Mu: Guardian of Chinese Tradition in the Shadow of Communism (Part 2)

Old photo of Chinese historian, Qian Mu, dressed in scholarly robes.

Prominent Chinese historian Qian Mu was a staunch defender of Chinese culture and a fearless critic of the Chinese Communist regime. (Image: Public Domain)

Qian Mu: Guardian of Chinese Tradition in the Shadow of Communism (Part 1)

Illustration of Chinese scholar Qian Mu, wearing traditional clothing and glasses.

Prominent Chinese historian Qian Mu staunchly defended and worked to preserve traditional Chinese culture. (Image: via Public Domain)

Explore the Rich History and Legend of China’s Lantern Festival

Countless lanterns rising in the night sky forming an image of twinkling stars.

The Chinese Lantern Festival is known and revered by people around the world, but many don't know the legend and how it came about. (Image: Busakorn Pongparnit via Dreamstime)

How to Foretell a Child’s Gender with a Chinese Gender Predictor

A young Chinese baby.

The Chinese Gender Predictor or Calendar is a traditional way of predicting a baby's gender upon birth. (Image: Jie Xu via Dreamstime)

The Most Touching Stories of Filial Piety

Hand painted image of a Chinese woman in ancient clothing serving her mother or mother-in-law a tray of food.

For Chinese people, filial piety — honoring, respecting, and fulfilling one's duties to one's parents — is considered to be the first of the hundred virtues. (Image: Ziqing via Kan Zhong Guo)

5 Pearls of Wisdom Contained in Traditional Chinese Weddings

Two wedding bands.

From personal growth and emotional stability to improved physical health and a more profound sense of purpose, marriage offers life-changing aspects among men that inspire and uplift them. (Image: via Dreamstime)

The Meaning of the Chinese Zodiac

An illustrations of the Chinese zodiac animals.

Each animal is paired with an animal that has the opposite characteristic, and together they reflect the teachings of the ancient Chinese. (Image: Annykos via Dreamstime)

Emperor Kangxi: The Longest Reigning Emperor in China

Emperor Kangxi.

A portrait of Emperor Kangxi in court dress. (Image: via Public Domain)

What Are the Cultural Connotations of a Traditional Chinese Wedding? (Part 1)

Tai Si.

Tai Si, a descendant of Yu the Great, the founder of the Xia Dynasty. (Image: via Public Domain)

China’s Abacus Is an Invention That Is Still Mysterious to the West

Chinese abacus with porcelain pearls.

The Chinese abacus (abaci in plural) is an ancient mathematical tool known as 'suanpan,' meaning a calculator. (Image: Jessica Blanc via Dreamstime)