The Chinese Legend of King Carp

Red and white koi swimming in a pond.

King Carp appears to a fisherman in his dreams and makes a mutually beneficial arrangement with him. (Image: Pokko3 via Dreamstime)

The Legend of the Mid-Autumn Festival


The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the prominent festivals in Chinese culture. (Image: Wong Yu Liang via Dreamstime)

The Fate of Two Brothers

Sculptures of the Eight Immortals, legendary Chinese figures.

'Royal Uncle Cao' was always kind-hearted and focused on cultivating Daoism, eventually taking rank among the Eight Immortals, but the fate of his evil brother was not so bright. (Image: Beethoven1612 via Dreamstime)

Stories About Tigers in the Year of the Tiger

A tiger walking.

In Chinese, there are many legends involving tigers that have historical origins. (Image: Bernie Catterall via Flickr)

Control Your Emotional Outbursts and Remain Calm in All Circumstances

Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, by the Yuan Dynasty painter Huang Guangwang (1269 - 1354)., Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368), ink on paper hand scroll.

For Sun Junfang, the four breaks were his daily health regimen. (Image: via Wikimedia Commons)

Traditional Chinese Story: The Magical Lotus Lantern

The sparkling lotus flower.

Erlang found the couple by the flashing light from her magical lotus lantern. (Image: Sarayut Thaneerat via Dreamstime)

Traditional Chinese Story: The Flying Mountain

A mountain at sunset.

The next day dawned clear and bright. (Image: Biletskiy via Dreamstime)