UFO Allegations Suggest the Pentagon Has Approved Conspiracy Theories About Itself

An extraterrestrial body is seen in an autopsy room along with a mannequin dressed as a 'man in black' and a mannequin dressed as a surgeon in this recreation of the Roswell incident aftermath.

n an article for science and technology news site The Debrief, they report the U.S. government, its allies, and defense contractors have retrieved multiple craft of non-human origin, along with the occupants’ bodies. (Image: Conchasdiver via Dreamstime)

How Studying UFOs Could Lead to New Scientific Breakthroughs

A UFO over a city.

Cleland gave up her UFO hobby long ago, but she is still dedicated to the search for life beyond Earth. (Image: KELLEPICS via Pixabay)

The Earliest Chinese Painting Depicting a UFO

Wu Youru's painting from 1892 depicts a group of people looking up at a fireball in mid-air. (Image: via The Epoch Times)