UFO Allegations Suggest the Pentagon Has Approved Conspiracy Theories About Itself

An extraterrestrial body is seen in an autopsy room along with a mannequin dressed as a 'man in black' and a mannequin dressed as a surgeon in this recreation of the Roswell incident aftermath.

n an article for science and technology news site The Debrief, they report the U.S. government, its allies, and defense contractors have retrieved multiple craft of non-human origin, along with the occupants’ bodies. (Image: Conchasdiver via Dreamstime)

UFO Secrets Revealed by Woman From Venus

Dark Mysteries: What USO Secrets Lie in the Depths of Our Oceans? (Part 2)

Sunbeams penetrate through the waters of Chac-Mool cave producing mysterious reflections on the surface in the background, Yucatan peninsula, Mexico.

The unknowns in the depths of the deep, dark ocean are secrets waiting to be uncovered. (Image: Oksanavg via Dreamstime)

Dark Mysteries: What USO Secrets Lie in the Depths of Our Oceans? (Part 1)

An unidentified submerged object (USO).

An unidentified submerged object (USO) is an unidentified object submerged in water. (Image: via Listverse)

How Studying UFOs Could Lead to New Scientific Breakthroughs

A UFO over a city.

Cleland gave up her UFO hobby long ago, but she is still dedicated to the search for life beyond Earth. (Image: KELLEPICS via Pixabay)

Tom DeLonge’s Bid to Make UFOs Part of the Mainstream

Tom DeLonge playing guitar.

Guitarist Tom Delonge. (image: via Wikimedia Commons)