Data Shows Half of London Councils Use Chinese Surveillance Tech Linked to Uyghur Abuses

CCTV cameras in London with Big Ben in the background.

According to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests filed late last year, at least half of the London boroughs are using Chinese surveillance tech linked to abuses of the Uyghur Muslim minority in China. (Image: John Williams via Pixabay)

Family Separation Is Haunting the Parents of Missing Uyghur Children

Young Uyghur boy in front of his home in Kashgar, China.

Since 2017, at least 1 million people have been arbitrarily detained in so-called “vocational training” centers in Xinjiang, China, while their children are sent to orphanages. (Image: Laszlo Mates via Dreamstime)

Apple Opposes a Bill to Combat China’s Forced Labor

The Apple company logo at an Apple store.

Lobbyists representing Apple are said to be trying to weaken a bill that is aimed at combating forced labor in China. (Image: zhangkaiyv via Unsplash)

Canadian Government Calls Uyghur Persecution ‘Genocide’

The Canadian flag.

A recent report has revealed the extent of Beijing's influence in Canada. (Image: ElasticComputeFarm via Pixabay)

Arsenal Soccer Star Mesut Özil Punished for Speaking About Uyghur Persecution

Mesut Özil during a soccer game, playing for Arsenal.

Soccer midfielder Mesut Özil who plays for Arsenal has been left off of the club’s Europa League and Premier League squads. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Buying COVID Tech From Chinese Firms Tarnished With Human Rights Abuses

A caronavirus with a dollar sign.

Through buying COVID-19 screening systems from Chinese surveillance tech firms, U.S. corporations are indirectly supporting the persecution of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang. (Image: fernandozhiminaicela via Pixabay)

Trojan Apps: Uyghur Surveillance Campaign by Beijing

A Uyghur man using his smartphone.

A new report by Lookout Threat Intelligence has revealed that China has been using malware tools to keep track of Uyghur people. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Over Half a Million Uyghur Children Separated From Their Parents

Three Uyghur children.

Uyghur children have been separated from their families. (Image: sherpas428 via Flicker)

China Is Rewriting the Quran and the Bible

The Quran.

China is planning to rewrite the Quran. (Image: freebiespic via Pixabay)

China Wants to Strengthen Xinjiang Surveillance Through World Bank Money

Facial recognition equipment.

The Chinese government sought to secure funds from the World Bank for setting up its facial recognition surveillance in Xinjiang. (Image: via Nspirement)