Move Over Oat Milk, Pistachio Milk Is the New Thing, but How Healthy Is It?

Vegan alternative food, set of various non-dairy milks including rice, coconut, almond, pistachio, soy, and oat, with soybeans, almonds, oatmeal, pistachios and half a coconut next to a chalkboard with the words "alternative milk" against a light blue background.

Nowadays, you will find a lot of people shying away from milk obtained from cows as they prefer drinking milk obtained from plants. (Image: Rimma Bondarenko via Dreamstime)

Oatly Sets Up IP Challenge Against Closest British Rival Glebe Farm Foods

Oatly products.

Oatly is eying up its closest rival in the UK as it plans to set up a factory some 20 miles or so from British family-owned Glebe Farm Foods in Cambridgeshire. (Image: via Oatly)

The China Multinational Behind Oatly, the Hottest Oat Milk Brand in the US

Oatly products.

Oatly Group AB is a leading name in the vegan milk sector. (Image: via Oatly)