A Story of Tragedy: What Some Soldiers Face When Returning Home

Soldier sitting with hands clasped. together sitting on sofa.

War for most soldiers is a time of great sacrifice and suffering, it's important they receive a warm and compassionate welcome upon their return. (Image: Prostockstudio via Dreamstime)

Australia’s Disgrace: Almost 6,000 Australian Veterans Experience Homelessness Each Year

A homeless veteran.

A new study into the prevalence of homelessness in ex-serving men and women calls for urgent policy attention and improved service responses. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Study Shows Benefits to Veterans With PTSD Who Have Service Dogs

Kerri Rodriguez and Maggie O'haire.

Kerri Rodriguez, human-animal interaction graduate student (left), and Maggie O’Haire, assistant professor of human-animal interaction in the College of Veterinary Medicine, look at cortisol samples. Cortisol was one of the measurements used in a new study that shows how veterans with PTSD may benefit physiologically from using service dogs. (Image: Kevin Doerr via Purdue University)

ANZAC Day in Melbourne

The Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne on ANZAC Day. (Image: Trisha Haddock)