Fan Li’s Secret to Attaining Wealth in Business in Ancient China

A mountain in China.

When Goujian, the ruler of the state of Yue in ancient China, found himself trapped on Mount Kuaiji by King Fuchai of Wu, he received valuable counsel from his advisor, Fan Li. (Image: Nniud via Dreamstime)

The Accuracy of Fortune-Telling: How Fate Can Be Altered by Good Deeds

A tree covered with spring blossoms next to West Lake in Hangzhou, China.

Fortune-telling may not only be about foretelling the future but also guiding individuals to lead virtuous lives. (Image: Yongnian Gui via Dreamstime)

7 Ways to Practice Virtue in Dating

Young man and woman sitting together while watching boats in the harbor.

Integrating virtue in dating fosters a foundation of respect, honesty, and empathy, leading to more meaningful and authentic relationships. (Image: Martinmark via Dreamstime)

The Virtuous Beggar: A Tale of Honesty and Fortitude

Beautiful spring blossoming apricot tree.

A beggar's act of honesty and fortitude transforms misfortune into life-changing blessings, embodying timeless lessons of virtue, moral strength, and resilience. (Image: Lillali via Dreamstime)

Yan Ying’s Wisdom and Virtue: A Beacon of Integrity from the Spring and Autumn Periods

Illustration of Yan Ying, Chinese philosopher and minister of the state of Qi during China's Spring and Autumn Period.

During China's Spring and Autumn Period, Yan Ying's wisdom and virtue made him a masterful diplomat with an enduring legacy. (Image: Public Domain via Wikimedia)

Cause and Effect Behind Lightning Warnings

Lightning flashing from the clouds during a thunderstorm.

Lightning warnings from deities shaped many stories in ancient China, where it was believed earthly phenomena were divinely controlled. (Image: Christianm via Dreamstime)

How a Good Deed Changed One Man’s Destiny

A life-like artificial lotus flower in a pool of water.

Life is the process of continuous self-improvement, and you will become that kind of person where you position yourself. So is love. (Image: Linqong via Dreamstime)

Kindness to Others Leads to Rewards for Yourself

The word 'kindness' etched into a painted stone.

Being grateful and repaying kindness is a virtue in Chinese culture. (Image: Allihays via Dreamstime)

Rare and Exquisite Beauties of China: Ban Zhao

The 'Book of Han.'

'The Book of Han' is a history of China finished in A.D. 111, covering the Western, or Former Han Dynasty from the first emperor in 206 BCE to the fall of Wang Mang in 23 CE. (Image: via Wikipedia)

3 Small Things That Can Bring Blessings

Silhouette of a man jumping for joy on the beach at sunset.

Your future will be filled with blessings when you pay attention to the choices and chances life brings you every day. (Image: Paulus Rusyanto via Dreamstime)