Ancient Chinese Wisdom: Brotherly Love and Virtue

Two brothers sitting on a wooden bench by a lake in the fall.

In traditional Chinese culture, the bond between brothers is considered to be one of the most important relationships a person can have. (Image: Mikhailova Elena via Dreamstime)

The Power of Filial Piety to Change People’s Fate

Elderly Chinese couple standing outside their home in a village in China.

For the couple who have been together for a longer time, the kindness between them is as deep as the sea. (Image: Zhaojiankang via Dreamstime)

Only ‘Blessed People’ Know Where Blessings Come From

A tree with pink blossoms beside a stream with an ancient Chinese-style house in the background.

If you are willing to give warmth to others, this warmth will not disappear but will be preserved in the hearts of those who received such warmth. (Image: Katinka2014 via Dreamstime)

Recorded Miracles During History’s Epidemics

The painting 'St. Charles Borromeo Administering the Sacrament to Plague Victims' by S.Caula.

When Europe experienced the Bubonic Plague, those who were virtuous and dedicated enough to care for the sick received protection. (Image: via Public Domain)

Japanese Children Win at the Starting Line

Japanese school children.

Japan’s traditions are embedded in their education system so that Japanese children inherit a solid foundation of virtue and morality, along with academic knowledge. (Image: Yulan via Dreamstime)