Researchers Discover Security Flaws With Apple Pay and Visa

Making a payment with Apple Pay on a mobile phone.

Researchers uncovered a vulnerability in the Apple Pay-Visa setup that could allow hackers to bypass iPhone’s Apple Pay lock screen to perform contactless payments and get around any established transaction limits. (Image: Lightfieldstudiosprod via Dreamstime)

Visa Denial: US-China Tensions Escalate

Airport flight information.

Visa policy change - The U.S is restricting travel by CCP members and their families. (Image: via Pixabay)

Lots of Chinese Students Want to Study in Britain

Three young Chinese women sitting on a blanket on the grass.

University applications from Chinese and Hong Kong students to UK colleges have nearly doubled since 2012. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

The Not So Powerful Indian Passport

India, one of the largest growing economies and a rising technology hub of the world, unfortunately, has a very weak passport. (Image: Sulthan via Wikimedia Commons)

China Offers a 10-Year Visa to High-End Talent

China visa stamp.

China has announced a 10-year visa for 'high-end talent' meant to encourage specialists in technology-intensive sectors to live and work in China. (Image: via Wikimedia)