Scientific Proof: Telling the Truth Promotes Good Health!

Illustration of a heart and a line drawing of an ekg with a regular heart rythm superimposed on an image of a stethoscope.

You may have heard that honesty is the best policy — now there's proof! (Image: Pop Nukoonrat via Dreamstime)

Wellness tips and Insights for a Happy and Healthy Life

A woman with anxiety.

Worrying will turn your hair grey. Sad people tend to have grey hair and wrinkles on their skin. (Image: via Unsplash)

Secrets to Getting Good Quality Sleep

Woman stretching in bed after waking up.

Secrets to getting good quality sleep. (Image: Duska Perovic via Dreamstime)

Detox: 5 Simple Ways to Reduce Exposure to Toxins

'Organic' spelled out in blocks on a floral tablecloth

It’s important for people to realize there are things you can do to lower your exposure to toxic chemicals. (Image: lifestylehack via Pixabay)

How Well Do You Handle Anxiety? Tools to Cope

Lady sits on gound looking anxious with her hands holding her chest.

It's in human nature to avoid things that make us scared. So in the evaluation stage, you have to introspect and know if it's fear to face or avoid. (Image: Joice Kelly via Unsplash)

These 6 Foods Are Excellent for Liver Health

A woman holding a poster for liver health.

Don't damage your liver! A healthy liver is vital to overall health and wellbeing. (Image Shao-chun Wang via Dreamstime)

6 Tips to Live a Healthy Life

A man in a red shirt clasping his fists and smiling..

smile stems from positive feelings, such as happiness, contentment, approval, and achievements. (Image: Bruce Mars via Unsplash)

Wellness Instead of Weight Loss and Why Truth Hurts

Watching your weight.

Shifting the focus from weight loss to wellness might be politically motivated. (Image: stevepb via Pixabay)

Precious Advice on Aging Well

A very old woman.

This older generation grew up in a kinder, gentler time, and can offer us great insights. (Image: via Pixabay)

Babies and Mobiles May Lead to ‘Daytime Dysfunction’