Chinese History: Song Dynasty Ambassador Suffers for Wicked Deeds

Hengshan Hanging Temple.

The Ganlu Temple was built in 1146 during the Song Dynasty. (Image: via Wikipedia)

Divine Retribution Suffered by a Midwife

Close up of an Asian woman's hand holding the tiny heal of a newborn infant.

A pregnant village woman invited a midwife to help her give birth, but the next day, her husband found the silver missing. (Image: Ananyaporn Sandee via Dreamstime)

God Does Not Tolerate an Evil Heart Full of Wicked Deeds

Stormy weather with cattle under some trees.

As recorded in ancient texts, the god of thunder is in charge of the 'five' thunders and punishes wicked deeds in order to maintain justice in the world. (Image: RENE RAUSCHENBERGER via Pixabay)