Canine Guardians: How Specially Trained Dogs Save the World’s Smallest Penguins

A large white sheepdog lying on the grass with a Little Penguin.

A heartwarming tale of conservation unfolds in southern Australia as dogs become guardians for the world's smallest penguins. (Image: via Global Screen)

Dean Schneider: Leaving Everything to Become a Wildlife Conservationist

Dean Schneider with a lion.

Dean had a lucrative career in Dubendorf, Switzerland as a financial planner, but he quit and relocated to South Africa in 2017 to become a wildlife conservationist. (Image: via

Duke of Burgundy Butterflies: Saved From Extinction by UK Farmers

Duke of Burgundy butterfly resting on a leaf.

Duke of Burgundy butterflies had become Britain's rarest species after their population declined by 46 percent from 1995-99 and 2004-09. (Image: Charlie Jackson via Flickr)

Indian Village Saved Birds, Went Without Street Lights for Over a Month

Los Angeles to Be Home to the Biggest Wildlife Crossing in the World

A mountain lion.

Los Angeles county is well-known for its substantial mountain lion population but their habitats have become isolated by highways. (Image: via Pixabay)

The Troubles of a Name: North Chinese Leopard

A North Chinese leopard.

The North Chinese Leopard is classified as an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. (Image: Daisyree Bakker via Flickr)

Illegal Wildlife Trade in the U.S.: Bears and Crocodiles Are Popular

Two bears fighting.

The illegal trafficking of wildlife and wild animal parts is the fourth largest form of criminality in the world and a major threat to global biodiversity. (Image: Steppinstars via Pixabay)

Denmark Just Bought the Country’s Last Circus Elephants

Elephants performing in a circus.

The Danish government recently bought the last four circus elephants in the country by shelling out approximately US$1.6 million. (Image: Laura LaRose via Flickr)

Monkeys That Like to Eat Bamboo Shoots

Macaca cyclopsis, also known as a Formosan rock macaque (台灣獼猴), is the only native primate living in Taiwan. (Image: Billy Shyu via Nspirement)