The Story of the Yellow Crane Tower

The Yellow Crane Tower.

A notable story depicts Lu Dongbin and the Yellow Crane Tower, one of the four most famous buildings in the Jiangnan region. (Image: via Wikipedia)

Pension Figures Spark Doubts Over Chinese Coronavirus Deaths

A woman wearing a mask.

Social distancing and quarantine efforts are as much (or more) about slowing the spread of the disease as stopping it. (Image: via Pxhere)

Leaked ‘Wuhan Files’ Purport to Show How and Why China Deliberately Misled the World

Coronaviruses in red.

The majority of available influenza vaccines can only offer strain-specific immunity. (Image: RichardScott3D via Pixabay)

Wuhan Lab Scientists Admit to Being Bitten by Bats

A face mask sits on a map of China along with a thermometer with its tip pointing to Wuhan.

A video released in December 2017 shows lab scientists in Wuhan, China, being bitten by bats while doing coronavirus research. (Image: Okhoney91 via Dreamstime)

Chinese Man Who Lost Father to Coronavirus Calls on WHO Experts Not to Be ‘Tool to Spread Lies’

Chinese man getting temperature taken.

A file image of a man getting his temperature read in Jiangning District, Nanjing City, in China’s Jiangsu Province. (Image: Ralf Liebhold via Dreamstime)

Beijing and WHO Concealed Early Spread of COVID-19, Says Escaped Researcher

Dr. Li-Meng Yan.

Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan risked her life to expose the truth about the cover-up over the initial outbreak of the CCP coronavirus. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Northern China Hit by New Wave of CCP Coronavirus Outbreaks

A hospital ward.

Those who don't get seriously ill often have five things in common. (Image: vitalworks via Pixabay)

CCP Lies: Real Wuhan Death Toll Likely to Be Much Higher

The CCP virus.

The name CCP virus is catching on. (Image: Tumisu via Pixabay)

In China, 21 Million Dead Mobile Phone Numbers May Indicate a Holocaust

A person using their mobile phone.

21 million fewer cellphone accounts in China may suggest a shockingly high CCP coronavirus death toll. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Months After Outbreak, Origins of the Coronavirus Remain Unclear

A patient with caronavius.

The coronavirus could turn into a major pandemic. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)