Yin and Yang in the Body: 5 Tips to Preserve Energy in Winter

A family out in the snow.

Follow these tips to keep warm in order to ensure overall good health during winter. (Image: Monkey Business Images Ltd via Dreamstime)

Preserve Your Kidneys’ Yang Qi to Resist Spring Diseases

A frozen winter landscape with a golden sunset.

Unfortunately, winter came too early before the village people could store enough food. (Image: Brett Critchley via Dreamstime)

Improper Bathing Times May Make You Sick

Open air bathroom with luxury bathtub and a forest view.

Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that bathing too late at night can put the body out of balance and eventually lead to ill health. (Image: Nuvisage via Dreamstime)

6 Ways to Strengthen Your Self-Healing Power

A young woman drinking a glass of water.

There are some suggestions that one should drink 8 glasses of water every day. (Image: Aqua Mechanical via Flickr)

Healthy Ways to Preserve Yang Qi for Women’s Health

A young, smiling Asian woman stands outside in front of some trees.

Yang is the masculine component in the yin-yang composite, but the preservation of women's health and Yang Qi are closely related. (Image: Minanfotos via Pixabay)